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What Facebook’s New Ad Disclosures Mean For You

In response to continued scrutiny over it’s part in election meddling, Mark Zuckerberg announced new disclosure requirements for all Facebook advertisers.  Although the change is aimed at creating greater transparency for political ads, all social media advertisers will be impacted.

So, what can social media managers expect?

Anyone, yes, anyone will be able to view the ads a business Page is running on Facebook and Instagram.  A new “View Ads” button being tested out in Canada over the coming weeks and coming to Facebook accounts in the U.S. ahead of the November mid-term elections will provide a comprehensive list of all active and past ads.

Facebook is also planning a “Paid For By” button directly on the advertising that when clicked will show the location and identity of the advertiser.  It is not yet clear if this feature will only appear on political ads or all advertisers.


Ever wanted to check how your competitors’ ads were performing and who they targeted? The move to greater transparency will provide a treasure trove of analytics for the social media numbers gurus.  Searchable archives will provide the number of impressions an ad garnered, total time spent and demographic data for the audience reached including age, location and gender.

On the flip side though social media managers will be less than thrilled that the months they spent testing and perfecting the targeting, imagery and copy will be available for all to see and potentially steal.  The work around just may be faux-Facebook accounts set up only for advertising purposes.  But, social media manager beware, Facebook will catch on soon.

Read Facebook’s VP of Ads Rob Goldman’s explanation on the Facebook ad disclosure policies.